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Building Great #WinApps

This is an on-going series where I’m covering my experiences building apps for Windows 8 (and later, taking them elsewhere).

Here I give an overview of the kind of thing I plan to cover throughout the series.

Platforms a plenty
As an app developer starting out on Windows 8/RT, you have a lot of options. This post tries to make sense of them, and explain concepts like WinRT and WinJS.

– Tangential side post: My MVVM Rant

– Side post: WinJS helper for converting from WinJS.xhr to HttpClient

Building Great #WinApps: Your first WinJS app, part 1
In this post we’ll start making our first JS app for Windows, and I’ll walk you through the WinJS basics.

Building Great #WinApps: Custom WinJS controls
In this post I describe the control model(s) in WinJS, and provide my own optimized variation, along with a VS Item Template which implements it.


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