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What have I been doing?

by Brandon on May 10th, 2005

Here are a few things that I’m working on:

1) A simple plug-and-play add-in that you can use to build a Windows application that hosts results from MSN’s desktop search, as I’ve shown in screenshots before.

2) A package that makes MSN’s desktop search much more useful on Windows x64 systems.  I’m looking into options for achieving shell integration with 64-bit Explorer (Deskbar, etc).  I should be able to have a basic 64-bit deskbar soon, but without the advanced shortcut functionality (it will initially be just for search queries). 

3) Much more 64-bit stuff.  I’ve been talking with Ryan Hoffman of Extended64 about some ideas there.  I recently switched back to Windows x64 with newfound determination to make things work that currently don’t.

But right now I’m back in Seattle for a couple days, so for the most part I won’t be doing any work on that stuff until the end of the week.

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