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This is the personal website of Brandon Paddock. As of May 2014, I’m the CTO of Zealyst. You can read a bit more about that here.

In the past I’ve had a medical software start-up, worked for 8 years as a developer at Microsoft, and spent a year designing and building apps like Tweetium and Newseen for my B-side Software business.

At Microsoft I was a Senior SDE on the Windows User Experience team. While there I was responsible for the Search experience and parts of the app model for Windows 8 / Windows RT. Preceding that, I worked on the Windows 7 Explorer and Windows Desktop Search.

Occasionally you’ll find me at Seattle area social events, such as those found on the Social Media Club event calendar.

Contact Me

I’m currently only responding to friends and family on Facebook.  But anyone should feel free to follow me on Twitter.

If you wish to contact me directly, I’m happy to receive e-mail from users, fans, stalkers, and critics.

E-mail me