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I’ve been assimilated.

by Brandon on June 1st, 2005

Ever since I built my first PC at age 11 (a scant 9 or so years ago) my family and friends have joked with me, “Since you’re going to work for Microsoft someday, remember to tell them…”

Naturally, I forgot all but the most common one, which was something along the lines of “stop sucking.”

Oddly enough, no one seems as surprised as I am.  It’s not so much that I’m surprised at the notion of me working for Microsoft… that seems natural enough given my interests.  What I still can’t believe is that it’s happening now

So yeah, I’m going to work for Microsoft/MSN.  And I couldn’t be more excited!!  I relish the opportunity to do something I love and improve the experiences of millions of users and work at such an amazing place with amazing people.  They’re even going to pay me to do it! 

What’s more, I get to move to Seattle/Redmond – which I absolutely fell in love with during my two recent trips.  Guess it’s time I learn the Seattle native language.

I’ll be filling an S/DET role at MSN.  Two points if you can guess what I’ll be working on 😉

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