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MSN Web Search is getting better.

by Brandon on October 22nd, 2005

So for a while now I’ve been trying to give MSN Search a chance.  But a few months ago when I would try to use MSN Search instead of another provider, I would quickly give up and go back to my old ways.

Then things started to change.  I’d try MSN once in a while, not find what I wanted, and look elsewhere.  But instead of seeing a set of clearly superior results, I started seeing pretty much the same thing.  As in, no one could get me what I wanted.  Not without a more refined query, digging into several pages of results, etc.

But over the last few weeks I’ve found myself using MSN Search more and more, and being really happy with the results.  I really think they’re on the verge of hitting a huge milestone in terms of core relevance. 

Do I expect non-Microsoft people to try MSN Search every few days?  No.  I think that once MSN Search is comfortable with its core relevancy, they need a big push to get a bunch of users to try it.  And not only that, but they need an edge that will make it stick.

Will it happen?  Stay tuned. 

But in the meantime, there’s a new Channel 9 video with some Web Search geeks from my building here.

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