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Seattle MindCamp

by Brandon on November 3rd, 2005

This weekend is the first Seattle Mind Camp.  They have a nice overview of the event here.  Or you can read all about it in the news here (Seattle Times) and here (Seattle PI).

The latter refers to it as a kind of “Geek slumber party.”

The Mind Camp website has a list of the names of attendees, and mine is among them.  Just a few of the familiar names are Dare Obasanjo, Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Mike Torres, Liz Lawley, Brady Forrest, and of course Ponzi.

A reader noticed via Scoble‘s blog that I was attending, and asked if I would accept some questions he’d like me to bring up during the discussions.  I think that’s a great idea.

So if you have a question, concern, or topic that you think should be discussed – post it here!  I’ll check the list periodically during the event via my Pocket PC Phone and after the event I’ll post a wrap-up of what was covered.

It’s a 24-hour event, so give me everything you’ve got!

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