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What makes special?

by Brandon on November 21st, 2005

I’ve been using as my homepage since it was released.  But truthfully, I don’t see my homepage that much since I pretty much always have Maxthon running and I have it set to resume a session if I close an re-open it.

But today I was pointed to an insanely cool Gadget for over at and I was just astounded at what kinds of awesome plugins people are making for the site!

And what’s even better?  I installed the “Xbox Live Gamercard” gadget (and watch enviously as someone named “Sully” plays Xbox 360 games).  While that gadget is pretty awesome in of itself, the next best part is that the author updated the gadget and I got the update without doing a damn thing.  That’s the beauty of the internet, eh?

I completely cannot wait until Gadgets are available on the desktop (and yes, I know about Konfabulator and have used DesktopX in the past.  But I really think MS Gadgets are going to be big).

Oh, and they’ve smoothed over the process of adding a gadget from the gallery to your page.  No more cutting and pasting!  Hooray!

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