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More X360s already showing up?

by Brandon on December 3rd, 2005

Despite all the stores that falsely report there “won’t be any more til next year”– I just heard from someone that bought an Xbox 360 (“premium” version) at their local Target in Columbus, Ohio this morning. Apparently the store received 10 units in their second shipment last night.

It may not sound like a lot, but if stores start getting several every week or so… getting one before Christmas is looking a lot less like a lost cause.

My advice if you’re on the hunt for a 360? Check with your local Target or Best Buy often. I’d think you’re more likely to find one in the morning. If a manager will tell you what days they receive shipments from their distribution centers, that might help too. And don’t bother with stores that took pre-orders and still have a huge list to fill (like GameStop and EBGames) – unlesss you’re on the list or know that they’ve filled all their pre-orders.

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