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Interesting search engine observation.

by Brandon on December 4th, 2005

So when I set out to move my blog to a new host, I was curious how long it would take the various search engines to pick up the new site.

As of today, no search for my name returns the new site just yet. But more interesting… it appears that Google hasn’t even realized my site exists. Searching for Brandon Live or Brandonlive will get a couple of sites that linked to this one, but no results from this domain. So earlier today I submitted the site to Google via their submission page. So far no change.

MSN, on the other hand, found my site all by itself – as did Yahoo. And I never submitted my URL to either of them.

And now I found some interesting statistics reported by StatTraq:

Google Yahoo MSN
Number of Pages Indexed 3 12 59
Number of Pages Not Indexed 84 75 28
Percent Saturation 3% 13% 67%

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