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by Brandon on December 20th, 2005

Sanaz has written a post about how the search experience has received a facelift and some much needed features!

Among them is proper support for back/forward navigation in the browser. This is what makes searching there actually useable for me.

So what’s so great about searching on versus, say, Well for one thing, the results come back FAST. Like, lightning fast. Second, the whole layout and the ads are much cleaner.

In fact, I’d say it’s the best search UI of the top engines right now (previously it was Google) – except for one thing that I hope is fixed soon. The first page of results is still missing the page number and “Next page” links at the top right. Every page except the first one has them in the right spot.

It’s a small gripe, but it keeps it from feeling really “complete” to me. If they fix that, I’d say it’s a great 1.0 – anything they add after that is just gravy.

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