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The lowest form of life.

by Brandon on December 23rd, 2005

Last night I was on my way to pick up my sister and mother at SeaTac airport. At about 6:30PM a small blue vehicle with plate number 825 TJU struck my rear bumper at considerable speed on I-405 south between exits 2 and 1, and then sped away. It was too dark for me to see the color, make, or exact shape of the vehicle – but it appears to have left some blue paint on my bumper which I didn’t notice in the dark last night. I only got a glimpse of the license plate but the gentleman behind him pulled over and gave me the full plate number that he wrote down, 825 TJU.

I immediately informed the police that I was the victim of a hit-and-run, and about an hour later I heard from a trooper that said he was going to look into the matter and that he would be calling me back around 9 or 10PM. Well, I never got a call back. I left a message at the number he called from, but so far nothing.

If you see a vehicle matching that description (or with a similar plate number – it’s always possible in the dark the man behind him misread a number or letter) with damage to the front right side of the vehicle, please let me or a policeman know.

Not paying attention or losing control of your vehicle is one thing (it was a large merge in the right-most lane and everyone had plenty of time to see that traffic ahead was stopped). Had this person pulled over I would have been understandably upset – but I’d had this happen once before a few years ago back in Rochester and the man who hit me then was apologetic (he’d been talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to traffic) and took care of the damage he’d caused.

In this case however, this scum of the earth waited until I’d pulled over and then sped away into traffic. I don’t know if he or she had been drinking, was carrying something illegal, was in a stolen vehicle, or just panic’d. All I know is that I hope this person is caught and dealt with appropriately by the law.

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