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Verizon phone with GSM?

by Brandon on December 29th, 2005

Apparently Samsung is getting ready to release an updated version of the i730 Pocket PC Phone called the i830. What’s most interesting (aside from the rather high price tag) is that it will be a Verizon phone, but with both CDMA and GSM radios.

How is that useful? Well, if you want the best coverage in the US and high-speed data (which means Sprint or Verizon), but you also travel overseas where GSM prevails – you can now have the best of both worlds.

Sadly this phone runs the old Windows Mobile 2003SE operating system and not Windows Mobile 5. And they also had to rip-out the mostly useless WiFi radio from the i730 instead of fixing its problems (like not being able to receive calls while using the WiFi connection). So the phone itself isn’t going to win much praise from me. But the idea of supporting both CDMA and GSM standards is something I whole-heartedly support.

Now I have to wonder how long until this becomes standard on business phones/smartphones. I know a lot of people that love my Sprint PPC-6700 and cheap EVDO connection, but have reservations about buying a phone that won’t work in Europe. Maybe this is the solution?

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