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WDS Enterprise version has been updated.

by Brandon on January 4th, 2006

Users of the Enterprise version of Windows Desktop Search can now download an updated version:

WDS Enterprise Download page

The KB article has been updated as well.

The new build can be installed over the previous Enterprise release. As before, this will not upgrade the MSN Toolbar + WDS consumer release. This is for users of the Enterprise version only.

The changes from build 2057 to build 2083 are:

-Fixed isolated cases where certain Outlook e-mail messages would not be indexed. The affected messages are quite random and the problem may impact some users significantly and others not at all.

-Fixed an issue where the WDS “Search Pane” in Windows XP/2003 would not scope to the current folder when the “Search” button is pressed inside an Explorer window.

-Fixed an issue related to web search queries not being encoded correctly for some East Asian language users.

Installing this update will cause the index to be rebuilt. If you haven’t been affected by these issues then upgrading is unnecessary.

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  1. Hi Brandon. I’m happy to see updates being made to WDS Enterprise.
    I’ve posted a big problem with WDS at
    It’s the one at the top entitled “Multiple WDS Indexers pointing at a network share causes file sharing violations”

    I’m wondering if you guys know about this problem and have a possible work around for me (and others that have emailed me asking if I’ve heard a response back from MS about this problem.

    Great blog by the way. I do like the layout (but didn’t comment on your ‘Do you like the layout’ entry 🙂 )

    Thanks Brandon.

  2. Michael permalink

    Hi Brandon.

    I like this preview pane that shows outlook e-mails when clicking on a search result pertaining to Outlook. Does the WDS SDK provide for grabbing a reference to outlook objects returned from queries? I’ve seen it returns various fields but didn’t see a place where I can get ahold of the actual e-mail whose data is being returned. I’m guessing this just isn’t exposed to developer and I hope I’m wrong.

    Michael Hughes
    Redmond, WA

  3. Michael – if you get the URL of the item (“Url” or “System.Url” column from the indexer) – you could strip out the EntryID and I believe you could use the Outlook object model to then access the item. Worth a shot anyway 🙂

  4. Cari permalink

    hi Brandon. i actually need some help. when i downloaded my windows live messenger…i encoutered a problem where when i went to the internet this pop up would come up saying that i need to restart my computer(which i have twice and nothing has happened) or re-install the #msntb_toolbar_full_name_#. but mine is #gen_windows_desktop_search# and i need to know how to solve this problem. i have no idea what to do. im wondering where i can find my recent tool for msn. where do i find #gen_windows_desktop_search#? this may not be in your area of helping but no one in my family knows what to basically the one that fixes everything,but im not sure on what to do on this.please get back to me. 🙂

  5. Brandon, URL or System.URL does not exist when I use ADO to get the index data. Is there another field? Is there a reference to all the fields I can look at?

    I am trying to open an Outlook item from my search of the index and I cannot find the entryid in any field.


  6. Gary – the column is actually called System.ItemUrl (“Url” or “System.Url” may have worked on much older versions of Windows Search, I don’t recall for sure).

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