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Stream Xvid, Divx, etc to your Xbox 360 from MCE

by Brandon on February 12th, 2006

If you have an Xbox 360 and a Media Center PC – you probably know that you can watch WMV and MPEG videos using the Media Center Extender functionality of the Xbox 360.  You might also be aware that it doesn’t support Divx, Xvid, or several other popular video formats.

Until now.

Transcode 360 is an add-on you install on your Media Center PC.  It transcodes (on-the-fly) any videos on your Media Center PC to a format that your 360 can play.  It’s as simple as installing the app, booting up your 360’s Media Center Extender functionality, and selecting the video as you would normally.  The only difference is, instead of selecting the video and pressing “play” – you press “Info” and then select “Transcode” from the list of functions (might have to click “More…” to see them all).

On my setup it takes about 10 seconds to buffer and then away it goes.  I’d wondered if someone would write something like this (or if I’d eventually try to do it myself).  But I’m very glad to see someone has, and it’s a fine implementation they’ve done!

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  1. DiamondDoug permalink

    Tried the new one for Vista. Doesn’t work, at least on my Vista Ultimate Final.

  2. Tim Miller permalink

    Couldn’t get it to work w/ Vista Ultimate 64 bit ed. Had it working w/ XP SP2 and my buddy has it up on Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I really want it to work though.

  3. Transcode works for me on Vista Ultimate x64. What problem were you having?

    I also now use Orb 2.0 to stream videos using the UPNP / Media Connect functionality (which works without even using Media Center).

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