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New Windows Desktop Search Beta!

by Brandon on March 8th, 2006

Today we released a new version of WDS!  It’s a beta of our 2.6.5 release, and you can get it here, or as an optional component to the Windows Live Toolbar Beta.

 Unofficial change list:

-All the features of the 2.6 Enterprise version (Search Pane on XP/2003, Outlook Integrated Results when used with the MSN/WinLive Toolbar).

-WDS can now be installed over the MSN Toolbar Suite 2.5.  This will remove your MSN Toolbar, but preserve your settings.  You can then install the standalone toolbar or the 3.0 Beta and it will remember your settings from the 2.5 installation.  Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Toolbar 3.0 Beta (which includes WDS 2.6.5 Beta as an optional component).

-The WDS Indexer has undergone some major changes to reduce disk I/O while indexing.

-Shutdown times have been improved significantly  (we think we’ve nailed the “End Now” dialog problem).

-New group policies.

-Bug fixes and other general improvements (such as a cleaner Deskbar loading mechanism).

 Let us know what you think!

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  1. Tahir Khatri permalink

    is this new one that is on the page with the link from your blog the english
    american version or is it the english british one if it is the american one do you know where
    i can get a british version of this or will i have to go to the british msn site and get it
    from there and luckily you have updated it on there and it is the latest version and not the
    version i already have

  2. Hi Tahir – This beta version is English only. I believe it should support US and British systems.

  3. Janson permalink

    Hi Brandon,

    Can this new desktop search (or any version) be used in a Terminal Server environment? If so are there any recommendations for doing so. Also, will there be a Vista version eventually of desktop search?


  4. Hi

    I have an web page I expose mail PST’s via WDS. However, I can show the results of the search ( titles etc.. via the retrun of executeQuery ) but I can figure out how to expose the body of the emails from the URL returned?

    Can you assist?


  5. Where is the Toolbar beta?

  6. Janson –

    Yes it can. However, if the *same* user logs in twice to the same machine, the second user session
    will fail to start WDS, and they won’t be able to search in that session. This generally only affects
    administrators that connect both remotely and locally and don’t log-off but simply “disconnect.”
    This is planned to be fixed in a future version of WDS.

    As for Vista – Windows vista includes a future version of WDS built-in.

    Anon –

    Unfortunately, getting the EntryID of the message (which is what you’ll need to get the Outlook Object Model
    to access the message) can be tricky, especially with WDS 2.6+ because we encode the item URLs for efficiency.
    I’m not completely sure if there’s another solution – you might try posting it at our MSDN Developer Forum.

    Oh, also you can expose part of the body by querying for the Characterization column.

    I do know that this are is something we’re planning to improve relatively soon.

  7. Brian Gargate permalink

    I had Windows Live 3 Beta and got rid of it. A little yellow shield keeps telling me that it wants to download and install an update for WL3Beta and it will not go away. I do not have WL3Beta. How can I get rid of the yellow shield? Best Wishes.

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