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Daylight Savings Time: 1 Brandon: 0

by Brandon on April 2nd, 2006

You’d think with all the power and speed of the internet and the pervasiveness of media in our lives that missing something as simple as the DST adjustment would be difficult.

Once again, I manage to beat the odds. 

As I read the message, “You can’t print boarding passes within 1 hour of a departing flight” I thought, “Stupid system, I’ve got more than an hour!”  Then as I reached for my phone to pull it from its cradle, what do I see on its display? 

“Your clock has been updated to account for Daylight Savings Time, loser.” 

I froze for a moment in horror, and the darted my eyes around the room looking for defense against this blasphemy.  But the Comcast cable box offered me no such consolation.  Neither did my PC.  It was like all of my electronics were conspiring against me in some treacherous plot.  I fear for what they might have planned next.

Well played, Daylight Savings Time.  Well played.

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