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Somebody in Visual Studio is listening!

by Brandon on April 19th, 2006

A while back I suggested that charging for the Visual Studio Express editions was stupid.  When they were finally released, it was announced that they’d be free to anyone to download for one year.  Not a trial copy, but a full copy that would last forever.  But after a year, they would start charging for anyone that wanted it but didn’t get in on the free offer.

Once again I spoke up and said this was a stupid plan.  Well today that plan changed, and the Visual Studio Express products are going to remain free forever.

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  1. Don permalink

    Yes, that is pretty great 🙂 I downloaded all of them and I am digging being able to learn about the “new” programming languages. I used to play around with Basic as a kid, then tried Nextstep, Openstep developer stuff but had a really hard time linking what I created for the UI to the code. I took a couple of C classes but was a Business guy. I love the new C#, besides, it’s fun!

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