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by Brandon on April 30th, 2006

MindCamp 2.0 wrapped up this morning and I’m happy to say that I made it through without leaving for the comforts of home like some people =)

Major props to Andru Edwards, Monica Edwards, Stuart Maxwell, all the other organizers, the “camp counselors,” and everyone else who contributed to this great event.  MindCamp once again demonstrated how great it is when you get 200 smart and interesting people together in one place and just let them talk with each other.

A quick summary of my experience at MC 2.0:

-I got a brief introduction to Dave Winer.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to talk to him about some cool OPML ideas that Steve Ickman and I have been bouncing around.
-My first session was called “Why does church suck?” and discussed how to make religion and spiritual communities appeal to today’s culture.
-I had some great conversations with Robert Scoble and Ryan Calafato (a speech writer for execs at Microsoft)
-Enjoyed some delicious food sponsored by Windows Live.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the caterer.
-Met lots of great new people from the Seattle area:  An SDET on the Windows Vista Shell team, a useability expert from Boeing, the guy responsible for the Wireless Networking UI in Vista and XP SP2, and dozens more.

I almost managed to make it through the night, but did spend an hour or so attempting to sleep.  When I got home this afternoon I realized I was definitely too exhausted to make my regularly scheduled swim session with my co-worker Paul, and instead opted for a good old-fashioned nap.

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  1. Hey, Brandon, it was great to see you again. And you’re getting Scoble juice today. But no preasure on finding the search-based killer app. Heh.

    About OPML, I know that Dave talked about how his Yahoo group on OPML 2.0 discussion has gone quiescent, but from my perspective it’s because no one want to go off very far in any direction without his direction, and he isn’t providing much guidance. I think I’ll post some more things and see if he’ll speak up. I have no interest in others telling me what Dave will or won’t like.

    So, you and Steve might want to see if you can enliven that conversation too. The group is at

    OK, now I’m off to grab the golden dlownload of Windows Desktop Search. Terrific. I need to index all of the research materials I’m putting on my Tablet PC for a trip tomorrow morning, so it is perfect timing.

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