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Last.FM – Awesome site for music lovers

by Brandon on May 5th, 2006

Through an old friend I discovered a really awesome site – Last.FM

Check out my Last.FM profile.  But Emily’s is more interesting since she’s used it longer.

I’m still exploring everything they offer.  But the first thing that grabbed my attention was their plug-in for WMP that pings their server everytime I play a song.  The site then tracks what I listen to and shows cool graphs of what I listen to the most.  It also lets me add that cool little list in the right column that shows you what I’ve been listening to (stalkers rejoice!). 

It looks like they have a plug-in for all the major music players to do the same thing. 

Next up, they have a little player you can install that will recommend music based on your tastes, and stream it to you!  When you hear something you like, you click on their player and it takes you to a page with details about the band, album, and links to buy the album if they have it in their catalog.

I’ve seen other sites with functionality like that last part, but it was the really the statistics about what I listen to that I was most interested in.  What’s interesting is that I was perfectly willing to share my listening habits with them in order to see a clear visualization of the data that they’re grabbing.  If they’d wanted me to install a plug-in just so they could spy on me and recommend things… I’d be less enthusiastic.

Cool stuff.

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