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175 and counting

by Brandon on May 7th, 2006

It’s been maybe a month and a half since I started my aggressive workout schedule and began reducing my caloric intake.  The result?  15 pounds vaporized.  That’s about 8 lost since my last update.  And it means the “32 waist” section of my closet is open for business once again.

Which means I’m almost to my short-term goal of 170.  However, being the kind of person who is never satisfied, I’m moving the goal posts to 160.  I’m already close (if not already there) to benching that much weight again.  So an additional goal is to once again be able to bench my own weight, which should happen somewhere along the way down to 160 – which is where the charts say someone my height should be anyway.

My strategy has been simple.  Eat less, exercise more.  Since I hadn’t been exercising at all for a long time, “more” really means “a lot.”  Of course it helps to have motivation, and I’ve had the “really huge crush” variety for a couple months now.  Still, I think I would have done this anyway.  It was really the only facet of my life that I wasn’t happy with, and now that’s already changing.

I haven’t been using any special software, although the Calorie King application that Chris showed me is pretty sweet.  I do think that buying a scale was a smart move.  It really helps me get a sense of progress and accomplishment.  And on the days where it goes up a little bit, I’m just that much more determined to do better.  Oh, and a lesson I learned early on was:  don’t buy a cheap scale.  I went with the cheapest one I saw just because I thought “A scale is a scale, right?  I don’t need anything fancy.”  Turns out, the cheapest ones are really inconsistent and horribly impercise.  So I got a better one (I think $40 or something) from Tanita that’s far better, and shows accuracy to a tenth of a pound.  It can also estimate body fat and hydration, although I consider those kinds of analysis to be some dark form of “magic” and don’t pay them much mind.

Oh, and all those “lose weight fast!” commercials and spam mails really bug me.  I never once considered taking a pill or going on some kind of extreme diet.  Those diet drugs are either useless or dangerous.  And you can pry my fresh baked bread from my cold dead hands.  If you want to lose weight, you already know how to do it.  Exercise and eat better.  It’s not supposed to be easy.  Nothing worth doing is. 

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  1. Rainer permalink

    Hi Brandon,

    glad to hear you are taking the intelligent avenue toward loosing weight: Exercise AND a change in the food hygiene! I am sure you have researched Trans Fatty Acids and have acknowledged these to be the demise of our ‘waste’ line (if you know what I mean).
    I would suggest taking it easy on the scale: improvement in weight loss is best measured by the comfort of your pants; i.e.: If your pants are looser, you are doing better. Or at least do not weigh yourself daily! The brain will play tricks on you, otherwise.

    Lastly, start++ appears to be a winner! Have only looked at it hear since I am still scared of using Vista ( I do have the licenses via Microsoft Partner program). I will most likely wait until, minimum, SP1.

    Great site

    Rainer (Friend of Bradley Paddock) 🙂

  2. You’re not using a scheme or something like that?. I am seeking for a sheet which will serve a a starter.

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