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Sony bows out of the console industry.

by Brandon on May 8th, 2006

Or might as well have.

Today they announced that they’ve cut major features from the PS3 including the ridiculous “dual HDMI” feature they’d previously hyped to kingdom come.  They also annouced a $500 price point for the base model of the Playstation 3.  This model lacks countless features like built-in wireless, HDMI support, and memory stick + SD slots and includes a 20GB not upgradeable hard drive.

Keep in mind that with no HDMI, this is no longer a $500 BluRay player in any true sense.  Because of Sony’s “content protection” schemes – you’ll need the $600 player to watch movies in full resolution.

It looks like Sony is content to hand this round to Nintendo and Microsoft on a silver platter.


More at IGN.

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