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Washington: 6 My car: 0

by Brandon on May 18th, 2006

It figures.  Not 3 days after I posted about my car being relatively free of incidents lately, someone comes along and bumps into my car while it’s parked… again.  This time it was parked in my little carport stall thing outside my apartment.  And of course the culprit wasn’t kind enough to leave a note.  Oh well, I’m dropping it off at the body shop tonight before I fly out to NY for the next week or so (to fix the damage from the last two people that hit my car while parked) and hopefully they’ll be able to buff/sand it out without me needing new paint (again).

It’s almost unreal how unlucky my car has been since moving out here.  However, if this is life’s way of balancing out all the other amazing things in my life, I think I’m making out pretty well in this bargain.

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