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Home sweet home

by Brandon on May 26th, 2006

And home sweet new home!

Yesterday I experienced the first early Alaska Airlines flight of my life.  In fact, we were a whopping 35 minutes early when we landed at SeaTac.  Less than 2 hours later, my friend Jon arrived from New York.  He graduated from college last weekend, rented a van, and drove across the country with his father.  Last night the two of us signed a lease on a house in Kirkland, and will hopefully begin moving in as soon as tomorrow.  Good timing, given that Monday is a holiday.

My trip to New York was great.  I spent Friday night at my mom’s place in Jersey, then drove up to Albany on Saturday and spent two nights there with some of my closest friends from high school and college.  Several of them graduated that same Saturday, so naturally some celebration was in order.

Monday I drove back to NY, checked into my hotel, and met up with the rest of the MS gang.  We took care of the necessary preparations at our ESS booth before meeting up with some of the local MS representation for dinner at a nice little Argentinian-Italian restaurant.  The conference took place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our own Paul and Michelle gave a presentation during the Microsoft-sponsored luncheon on Tuesday.  We had a great number of inquiries about both SharePoint 2007 and our upcoming Windows Live Search client.  We also had someone giving a very compelling demo of the Knowledge Network add-on for SharePoint 2007.  The demonstration generated a lot of buzz from those who saw it, which drew more and more inquiries.

Check back, as I’ll be posting some more details about the Enterprise Search Summit 2006.

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