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Relationships and the internet.

by Brandon on June 13th, 2006

Wired had an interesting article recently titled “The Kinsey of Clicking.”  I found the various insights on how the internet affects modern relationships to be interesting.  But more than that, it prompted me thinking about this topic.

At least two of my friends (Steve and Chris) met their sweethearts via  While my own dabblings haven’t been quite so fruitful, I did have some positive experiences and certainly gained a new appreciation for the medium (especially as someone who transplanted his life a few thousands miles last year). 

Beyond that, the effect of IM on people my age is undeniable (even though I still consider it to be wholly impersonal).  And now MySpace has taken the phenomenon started by LiveJournal to a whole new level. 

It all makes me wonder just how much modern technology has influenced (both good and bad) my dating life, and whether there are some traps I should be learning to avoid.  One I’ve always tried to watch out for is having IM become the primary (or exclusive) means of communication with someone I’m dating.  Recent experience only reinforces that concern.

  1. HI YOU WANT TO CHAT AND SEX ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????//

  2. I met my current boyfriend online, which was lucky because we wouldn’t have met “traditionally” what with him being in the US at the time and me in the UK. So I’m all for relationships that begin online.

    However, I’m more than a little scared by Chris Pirillo.

  3. Yes.. Very disturbing Chris… Very disturbing.

  4. yup internet dating is pretty powerful…i met my now wife on yahoo personals in college when she was in NY and i was in MN

  5. Its undeniable, and its enivatable… Sooner or later everything is going online!

    And especially for dating… I mean its like an efficient way to search for the needle in the haystack.

    You find them, chat online a bit, if its all good then meet for a date. Which is much more easier, cos it saves you from the dreaded “Date From Hell”

    Jonathan Lewis

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