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Fox News? Or the Jerry Springer Channel?

by Brandon on June 20th, 2006

A friend sent me a link to an interesting clip from a Fox News program today.  I can’t believe people actually get their news from sources like this.  They have some crazy anti-american “religious” zealot on the show and pit her against a raging screaming “journalist.”  Of course both of them sound like total whack-jobs – but that’s exactly what they want.   I can’t help but feel like the whole argument was scripted.  They throw a news ticker on the bottom and claim it’s a news station.  But really it’s The Jerry Springer show with a different cast and fewer thrown chairs.  I feel like the only purpose of programming like this is to make politics “entertaining” for the masses who get their kicks from Springer or COPS or championship rodeo on SpikeTV.   

I would wonder about whether the motivation is to drive ratings or News Corp’s political agenda.  But the sad fact is it probably serves both.

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  1. I lived in a small town in Colorado once where these religious nuts staged a protest. They were on their way to take their schtick to the Matthew Shepard funeral/trial — very sick.

    There is a really cool scene in the HBO film “The Laramie Project” from a few years ago on this topic.

    Some folks from Laramie confront these people by dressing up as angels and standing between them and a field of media folks — the nuts screams quickly go silent — that method was much more moving than this clip.

  2. sheesh…what a Loon

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