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I take it back. Urge sucks a lot less.

by Brandon on July 4th, 2006

Actually, URGE is awesome.  I still think they should fix the authorization the way I described.  But I don’t even think it will be a big problem for me.

Why?  This is the first service where I don’t feel like I actually need to download the tracks.  The library integration in WMP 11 is so damn good and the instant search-as-you-type is brilliant.  So far the selection seems better than any of the other stores.  I’ve already found tracks I couldn’t find on Yahoo, Napster, or iTunes.

Plus I’m really digging the “Acoustic Chill” radio station.  It’s the sort of “radio station” that you can hit “skip” if you don’t like a song.  So it’s really just an on-the-fly playlist being streamed to you.  But I like it a lot.  The whole experience just rocks.  So I’m cancelling Napster and I’m going to pay for URGE when my 14-day trial is up. 

My URGE wishlist:

1)  Higher bit-rate streams.  Right now downloads are 192kbps WMA, which is great.  But the streams are 128kbps, which encourages me to still download stuff when it feels like I really shouldn’t have to.

2)  The authorization/activation fixes I outlined in my earlier post about Napster.

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  1. Jill permalink

    My parents bought me a click for my Birthday in June(happy birthday me) Of course I tried downloading stuff from Napster and Walmart…though the prices are right I just didn’t feel like staying on line. So, I signed up for urge and thought I actually would enjoy it. The first few days were great since I got a gift certifcate from my grandmother so, I started downloading. However, I really am starting to hate it in here. It seems like know one is here? Like you are all alone in a dark room downloading songs. The radio stations are ok but nothing great. I also hate the way everything is laid out. I get so, lost in here. I’ve downloaded tons of songs for free well I had to pay 15 bucks for that but now I think I’m just going to switch over to itunes. My friend got an ipod last week and I’ve been playing with it.. it’s so cool. I wish my parent’s had bought me one. I like my click but it’s just boring, doesn’t do anything just sits there, the ipod is just really great feeling. But, I don’t have any money for one. A few friends showed me how I can download songs from Itunes and I don’t even have to pay them anything a month and then I can just convert them to MP3 and then put them on my click…SO COOL!!! I don’t know why i didn’t do this from the begining. Why does everyone say itunes only works with the ipod, what liars.

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