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Endfest 15

by Brandon on August 13th, 2006


Saturday brought a last-minute addition to my long list of summer (and soon autumn) concert schedule in the form of “Endfest 15.”

Very sadly, two of the acts I would have been most interested in seeing were cancelled.  First, I’d heard that Modest Mouse backed out weeks ago.  And second, Snow Patrol cancelled their act at the last minute.

That left several bands I’d never heard of (and of about 4 that we heard none had me rushing to grab a CD / download) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers who I’d seen several years before.

When I last saw the Chili Peppers (with Foo Fighters) in Albany, I believe they had just released the Californication album.  This weekend’s show included a setlist with a heavy bias toward their newer material – which I’m less familiar with, largely by choice.  When “By The Way” came out I didn’t think the songs I’d heard from it sounded particularly bad.  It was just that they all sounded pretty much the same.  I got that feeling again a few times during Saturday’s show when I started singing the lyrics to the wrong song once, and another time asking “Didn’t they already play this?”

That gripe aside, they put on a very entertaining show.

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