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I’m myself again

by Brandon on August 21st, 2006

After a couple weeks of sickness and sunburn (which still refuses to fade, but is liveable now), and much exhaustion… I’m feeling just about back to normal.  Except for the whole two-tone red-on-white look I’m sporting.

Just in time, too.  This weekend I’m going to be making my first visit to Vancouver.  We’re staying 3 nights at the Listel hotel which seems to have been constructed at the center of just about everything fun up there.

Unfortunately this means I won’t be attending PAX as planned.  I didn’t really think I’d miss it that much, but as it draws nearer it’s like some otherworldly force stirs in downtown Bellevue, creating a sort of gravitational well which I can only imagine is felt by gamers hundreds of miles from its center.  I hear if you’re not careful it can rip that Xbox 360 controller right from your hand.  Should you lose contact with a gamer friend from the Pacific NorthWest this weekend, you can ease your mind knowing that he or she has merely heeded the siren’s call.

It’s only 11 days until it’s DMB weekend over at the Gorge.  You might say the days are being counted.  Not so much for fear of misplacing any, mind you.  More likely it’s to ensure that no extra ones sneak in… whistling and acting all non-chalant, like they belong between me and 3 days of Gorge goodness.

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  1. Praveen Chintala permalink

    Hi Brandon, I believe you have recovered fully. Have a nice time in Vancouver.:)

    Your blog is one place I would like to visit for updates on WDS, so please keep it up-to-date 🙂

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