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Peace in Uganda is within reach.

by Brandon on September 20th, 2006

The ceasefire that began a few weeks ago could be the beginning of the end for this war which has waged on for 20 years and affected millions.

But it needs your help!

On October 9-10 the 2006 Northern Uganda Lobby Day and Symposium takes place. If you’re in the DC area, get out there and show your support for the invisible children and help put an end to this war. And with it, and end to the abduction of children to be turned into soldiers at an age when you were probably still learning to read.

Uganda Lobby Day

Or, contact your senators or representatives in the House. Don’t underestimate your own ability to make a difference!

Here’s an idea: It’s election season. Why not take this opportunity to call your congressmen and find out what they are doing to support the peace process. If you’re in Washington as I am, you could contact Maria Cantwell who is up for re-election in November. Or her Republican opponent, Mike McGavick.

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