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IE 7 is out!

by Brandon on October 19th, 2006

In case you missed it, Windows Internet Explorer 7 was released today.  If you use Internet Explorer – you’ll want this upgrade!

Internet Explorer Homepage

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  1. Peter Farago permalink

    Hey Brandon – maybe you know something about this.
    Before I installed the new IE 7, I was using the MSN Desktop search and the MSN Search toolbar, which had FormFill, that I used a lot.
    Once I installed IE 7 all the MSN seach tools (dasktop search and toolbar) were blown away in the install. When I tried to reinstall the MSN desktop search it wouldn’t let me saying I had a more recent version of search already running.
    So, my question is how can I get the desktop search capability back – I loved it! and also the Form Fill function?
    If you’re in the IE group, maybe someone there knows, or else send this on to someone at MSN group or direct me to them.

  2. Hi there Peter. IE7 should have had no effect on the Toolbar or Desktop Search. However it does sound like you were using old versions of both.

    You can get the latest version of WDS here:

    As for the MSN Toolbar, it’s not called the “Windows Live Toolbar” and you can download the latest version at

  3. Peter Farago permalink

    You’re right about the desktop search – I installed the 3.0 version you mentioned on your site and it seems to have worked – busy indexing right now.
    As for the Live toolbar, I’m running v 3.01 but I’ll try the latest one on the MS site, see if that is newer.

  4. Peter Farago permalink

    Well, it looks like I already had the most current version of the Windows Live toolbar. When I try to Install Buttons (which is how you would add the Form Fill button), I get:
    “We are temporarily unable to display the list of buttons. Please try viewing this list again later.”

    That’s the same thing I got for the past week or so.
    I’ll keep trying – thanks anyway for your help

    BTW, I enjoy your site – very cool


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