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Index PDF files in WDS 3.0 or Vista

by Brandon on December 10th, 2006

Adobe has finally made available a beta release of Adobe Reader 8.0 – including an updated IFilter which fixes the bug the prevented it from working with WDS 3.0 / Windows Vista.

Get it here.

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  1. nospam permalink

    This came up first for a search of WDS and pdf ifilter, so I thought I would
    add a comment and installation directions. The indexing of pdf titles and the
    preview screen now works with Adobe Reader 8 and WDS3, but it is still not
    indexing the CONTENTS of the pdf files (at least not on winXP). Is this working
    for you?

    Install directions…
    Make sure to uninstall any pdf ifilter’s before installing adobe 8.
    after installing adobe 8, restart your computer.
    the new ifilter will be installed automatically upon restart
    and should correctly index your pdf files.

    If you can’t preview the pdf in the preview screen, you may need to
    reindex your files.

  2. nospam permalink

    Forgot to add that I have the pdf ifilter set
    to index properties and file contents, but
    it is still not indexing the PDF contents.

  3. Are you running on a 64-bit OS? The Adobe IFilter is currently 32-bit only.

  4. nospam permalink

    winXP pro 32bit
    BTW, the bundled ifilter w/ reader 8.0 is
    labeled v6.0, which is
    the same as the filter you can download
    from acrobat.

  5. angler permalink

    I cannot get it to work – still no PDF preview..

    to bad that I cannot remember how to get the prevously version of WDS to show PDF preview
    with Ifilter 6.0 / Foxit Ifilter (got it to work on the laptop, but still no luck with my desktop)

    Any solutions on the preview of PDF (non-OCR) and WDS

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