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by Brandon on December 18th, 2006

If you live in the Pacific North West or know somebody who does, you probably heard that last Thursday some wind came and knocked down all our trees.  We will soon reach the 4-day mark for not having power at my house.  Fortunately, the Starbucks down the street from me regained electricity late Saturday night, so coffee and WiFi has eased the wait.

On Friday morning we awoke to find a great deal of what can only be called “tree remains” throughout our yard, driveway, and street.  Fortunately nothing of significance hit out house – except for the large fence that faced our southern neighbor.  The wind decided it looked suspiciously like a sail – though fortunately our house (specifically, the outside wall of my bedroom) prevented it from getting very far.  This led to our neighbors dogs escaping their usual confines and into our backyard, where they managed to trap themselves (awaking my housemate and me to the sound of their whimpering).  Overall we made out very well, faring far better than some unfortunate others.  If any of my readers or their loved ones are in the PNW, I hope they too made it out unscathed.

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  1. Diane Silva permalink

    Hey Brandon,
    I just happened across your blog-(linked with Ponzi) It was nice to meet you at the wedding, especially nice after you relaxed a bit.( or should I say after we drank a few shots of Tequila?)
    Sorry to hear about the storm, did it bring back memories of Rochester? I’m sure that you were better prepared than most to deal with the situation.
    My husband had a teleconference with Microsoft on Friday… obviously it was a bust.(total no show)
    As long as I am was here I thought it rude not to stop by and say hello.
    Colorado Springs

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