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Drive-by blogger posts Fiji / Vienna wishlists

by Brandon on December 30th, 2006

Another drive-by-blogger has people talking about future releases of Windows.  The problem isn’t just that it’s a no-name blog with one post and nothing about the author.  The problem is that there’s no source and that the content looks to be nothing more than something some guy dreamed up while bored.  Yet people are still discussing it at places like Engadget as if it were credible?

All that I believe has been said publicly is that the next release of windows “won’t take 5 years” and that it won’t be a “minor release.”  Anything else is speculation or misinformation.  In this case, it appears to be speculation based on some old plans and ideas.  Astute readers should have realized that the moment they saw the name “WinFS” appear (for those that haven’t kept up, the oft-misunderstood WinFS is no more).

Parts of it did make me chuckle, though.  Like the non-sensical suggestion that WinFS would replace NTFS in “Vienna.”  Nevermind the fact that WinFS is dead – that’s like saying Avalon will replace DirectX*


*  Avalon requires DirectX (or some rendering technology) in order to render to the screen, much as WinFS requires NTFS (or some filesystem) to store its database.

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  1. WinFS is not dead. Could you please state why you think that is so.

  2. John permalink

    Azz0r you are an idiot. Look at the top left hand corner of the screen:

    “Hi. I’m Brandon. I’m a geek, and I work on Search technology for Windows at Microsoft. This is my blog.”

    He’s pretty close to the source of all information Microsoft. That doesnt mean he knows everything, but he has a better idea than most other people, unlike you.

  3. Thanks for being so rude straight out the box.

    As for him assuming he knows everything just because he works at Microsoft is really idiotic.

    I would assume WinFS has been renamed/moved/redeveloped. Not totally scrapped. Microsoft will replace its old system no doubt.

  4. dagamer34 permalink

    WinFS as a seperate add-on has been scrapped. Microsoft has instead decided to integrate WinFS-like technology into other applications (like SQL Server I think). You aren’t going to see a download called “WinFS”. You are going to see apps that use WinFS-like technology.

    Sooner or later though, Microsoft is going to have to “update” the way we search for things on our desktop. Vista’s integrated search is a great step forward, but being able to relate data in a simple to use fashion would make search 100x more powerful.

  5. Some of the technology behind WinFS, as discussed on the WinFS blog, will end up as part of SQL Server.

    That doesn’t mean you won’t see more and more features like those promised or demonstrated by WinFS appear in Windows. They’ll just be built on different, often more practical technology… like the indexer.

  6. John permalink

    “As for him assuming he knows everything just because he works at Microsoft is really idiotic.”

    Gahahahah, I dont know whether to laugh or cry. Read what I wrote, and then step back and admire your idiocy. Tool.

    Deeur Snanuh,

    Wl u pleze by mee uh dikshunree 4 krismus nxt yurr


    azz0r xxx


  7. John. Get a life, you’re a bit of a moron really aren’t you.

    Brandon; As was my point. WinFS isn’t dead really and we will see it in some form. Its just moved, combined and changed.

  8. sdsdv10 permalink


    Check out this link for more WinFS info…

  9. azz0r,

    You’re the new “Aero Diamond” kid …lol.

    You’ll be whining about how WinFS isn’t dead until there is absolutely no way to act like it isn’t. We had plenty of those people with “Aero Diamond” who are just now finally admitting they were wrong because they don’t have any other choice (Vista RTM).

    WinFS is dead in any sense of what it was supposed to be. Get over it.

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