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Apple announces iPhone – already obsolete?

by Brandon on January 9th, 2007

Hey Apple – 2004 called, they want their technology back.  

Today at Macworld (which suspiciously lacked anything new about, well, Macs), Apple announced that this summer they’ll be offering the iPhone, a slick looking device that is likely to be the best blend of music player, cell phone, and PDA that we’ve seen so far.

But apparently no one at Apple has bought a cell phone since 2004.

That’s right… apparently the iPhone uses, and no I’m not joking… EDGE.  That’s right, your iPhone might as well be a dial-up modem.  Not ~800kbps like I’ve been getting from EVDO for over a year and a half, or the faster EVDO Rev A stuff rolling out now.  Definitely not the ~1mbps HSDPA / UMTS speed like all the fancy new Cingular smartphones.   Just good old 80-110kbps EDGE, a worse connection than I had on my Treo 600 in 2003.

Lame.  Really lame.  Right now I’m thinking about replacing my PPC-6700 with a BlackJack.  Nothing announced today has made me even have a second thought about that.

Looks like Michael Gartenberg agrees.

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  1. I agree. It’s a really beautiful device, but it has some deal-breaking issues that simply can’t be ignored, especially for something that you’re going to be paying so much for.

    I’ve posted some of my thoughts here:

  2. Mike permalink

    As a (former) fellow HTC Apache owner, I have to ask you….

    Would you rather have a smartphone that is barely usable (You know, that 2-3 second lag when you slide out the keyboard, the fact it doesn’t work half of the time) but has high speed data…

    Or a perfectly functional smartphone that is the paragon of usability but lacks access to Cingular’s high speed network? (Key word: Cingular… as in Cingular’s 3G Coverage, not Verizon’s)

    The Blackberry Pearl also lacks 3G, but I don’t see too many users complaining. Probably because it’s one of the very few smartphones that actually work as advertised.

    Not saying the iPhone shouldn’t have HSDPA, but I don’t care what data network in runs on if it’s barely usable.

  3. esteban permalink

    I disagree, but i don’t think this (EDGE x EVDO) will be the thing to make it or not fot iPhone. I bet, they’ll have 3G or 3.5G if they want to make it on Europe and Asia (bigger markets than US). Anyway, this iPhone is much more than today’s smart phone. No matter how you try to spin it. The beautiful thing is not the hardware, but the software. I wonder if the zune people will start to work on a zune phone for 2010/2011 now.

  4. Jimbo permalink

    I think 802.11N is fast enough for most speed freaks and if you haven’t watched the keynote address to see the demonstration you should. I personally have tried other PDA’s but after watching the full demonstration I was blown away. Think about it, you get an email with a phone number in it, tap on the number, it dials, call up google maps, search for a restaurant, find one and tap on the phone number off google maps to call. A full browser, bookmarks, contact app, video player, ipod all intergrated and linked to your desktop or laptop. Unbelievable!

  5. Jimbo – why is that so unbelievable? My BlackJack can do all that today, and it was half the price and syncs with Exchange. Plus it has real 3G support.

    The iPhone doesn’t have 802.11n (it has 802.11b/g) – but even if it did, it doesn’t really matter. My last phone had WiFi and I never, ever used it. It had a 3G EV-DO connection that was just as fast most of the time, but worked virtually anywhere. More importantly though, WiFi KILLS batteries – and I’m sure the iPhone will be no different.

  6. shane permalink

    iPhone is vapourware so making a bunch of comments on it is well to say the least uninformed.. 6 months is a long time in the tech world so lets wait till the finsl version is purchasable before all making comments that may in the end prove to be insitful or worst yet plane dumb.
    None of us has used one or know anything aprt from what apple has shown us. I cant believe how stupid everyone goes when apple shows you something and then everyone has all these opinions about something they have never touched let alone used

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