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New laptop

by Brandon on February 4th, 2007

Yesterday I made a slightly impulsive purchase… I nabbed a black Apple MacBook (Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz, 120GB hard drive.  Upgraded it to 2GB memory), brought it home, and plopped down Vista Ultimate on it.  It’s up and running and nearly everything works.  I found a great guide for getting Vista running with all the right drivers for the MacBook, which is definitely helpful considering Apple’s bootcamp driver installer craps out on Vista.  Update: No longer necessary, just install BootCamp 1.2.

I’m still not 100% committed to keeping it, as I told myself when I bought it that I could take it back if I decide it’s not worth it.  But so far it’s proving itself to be a really great little PC. 

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  1. Lol Brandon! Impulse buys are a witch (with b), I did the same for Sony Vaio SZ-370 – same configuration as yours hardware-wise, but with 2 graphic cards – one nice power saving and the other one for Vista’s Aero and Gaming 😉

    What are the graphics on that one?

    After 2 months – It’s still a keeper – and it runs Vista as if it were Win95 😉

    Will post about this on my site. I myself love iMac so maybe I get that some time soon, maybe in summer, when the price on the 24″ goes down a bit … It will look beautiful with Vista on.

    Peconi …

  2. I myself am typing this on a new MacBook Pro purchased today (in Portland where there’s no sales tax!)

  3. Justin permalink

    I did the same thing last November. My Thinkpad X41 Tablet was stolen and I ended up buying a Sony SZ. I wasn’t too keen on it, so I also bought a black Apple Macbook. I told myself the same thing: if I don’t like it I will just bring it back. I loaded XP on it, and save for a few minor issues, it worked flawlessly. I returned the Sony and kept the Macbook. This last week my Vista upgrade came in, and have been trying to make it work as well as it did with XP. So far, everything is perfect with the exception of the bluetooth. Bluetooth works, but it does not recognize the Dial-up Networking service on my Blackberry 8100; it also does not recognize the Headset service on my Jawbone.

    – J

  4. The bluetooth issue sounds like a general Vista issue more than anything to do with the Macbook. I’ve been unable to see my BlackJack as a Bluetooth PAN device on Vista, and it seems everyone is having that problem. It does work for sync, though. Fortunately I don’t really mind plugging in the USB cable to use it as a modem, since it charges the battery at the same time (whereas Bluetooth plus heavy data access just kills it).

  5. Malouf permalink

    Mate I’m getting a MB non pro 2ghz 2 gig shipped out to me, and was wondering if boot camp supports a straight install of vista final as opposed to having to install XP SP 2 then upgrading as I’ve read in a few places. If you can do this via boot camp could you let me know which version. Also the vista guide you provide above is currently unavailable, but I’ll keep checking back in periodically.


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