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No personal checks, please.

by Brandon on February 12th, 2007

Wow, I can pay off my car!  Heck, I can buy a new one!

60 or so Playstation 3s at local Best Buy

I’m estimating that Jack Tretton owes me about $72,000 as I count about 60 units (actually it’s probably 63).  While it may look like there’s one missing, and that might lead you to think it has been sold, you would be wrong.  I joked to one of the blue shirts, “I guess you sold one!”  He just shook his head and pointed me over to the PS accessories section, where the PS3 box had been placed on the floor, ostensibly after its carrier realized the price was per unit and not per stack of 60.

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  1. Bob permalink

    do you mean Cheques?

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