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Upcoming Start++ changes for 0.3

by Brandon on February 23rd, 2007

Upcoming Bug Fixes

  • Commentor Daniel pointed out a problem with program arguments for apps launched via the Simple Commands type of alias. 
    • Fix: Seperate the command to execute and the parameters to pass to it in the Simple Commands dialog.  Currently, all but the first parameter to your alias are passed as program arguments.  This is obviously not ideal, and was mostly something I through in to make the “sudo” command work properly, and I had planned to go back and fix it.  So I will. 
  • Commentor Unq suggested a better Wikipedia query string.
    • Fix: “*”


Upcoming features

  • Better parameter substitution mechanism
  • Simple mechanism for sharing aliases with other users


After 0.3:

  • Easy method for importing IE 7 search providers
  • Switchable “profiles”
  • Better extensibility for “search actions”
  • Commentor P Cause noticed that Search Actions don’t work for Outlook items (like opening contacts).
    • Fix: Implement support for Outlook / MAPI items.  Might take a while, unfortunately.
Keep those suggestions coming!

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  1. Thanks for the great tool Brandon! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new release. I think fixing Daniels problem will also fix mine because I want to link to files to open, such as an Excel spreadsheet. I can do it as long as there is no space in the file name, but if there is a space then I get an error (even if I put quotes around the file name).

  2. Hi Ryan –

    What does the alias you’re trying to create look like? I’d like to make sure it works in the next release.

    As a short term solution, you might want to try using %1 instead of %* and putting the file name in quotes if it has a space.

  3. Thanks for your great tool…it was the first feature I really missed in Vista but now I’m interested in the search commands but they don’t seem to work for me for some reason.
    If I type ‘play shakira’ in the start-menu search bar and press enter it just opens an ordinary search instead of starting the wmp. If I just type ‘play’ it starts at least the wmp? What am I doing wrong? (PC is currently indexing the music-dirs)

  4. @Brandon
    Sorry it took awhile for me to respond, I didn’t see that you had posted a new comment.

    I just tried the newest release and that doesn’t work either with what I want it to do. Basically I want to open a document which is an Excel spreadsheet when I type in a command. The location of the file looks something like this:

    C:\Users\Ryan J. Wagner\Documents\Ryan’s Files\Test.xslx

    I have tried to put quotes around it and it doesn’t seem to do anything…I still receive the “cannot find the specified file” error. Any ideas on how I can get that to work? 🙂

    By the way, this should become a Vista Powertoy!

  5. Ryan –

    I created a command called “textdoc” and set the command value to “C:\Users\Brandon\documents\New Text Document.txt” with the quotes, and it launched just fine. I also tried it with characters like periods and single quotes in the path and it still worked fine.

    Are you sure you got the path correct?

  6. My bad, you’re right. If you look at what I was entering in for the path I had the Excel file extension wrong. 🙁 It isn’t xslx.

    This should have definitely been a feature that shipped with Vista!

  7. Oh yeah, and I should mention that I figured out I was using the wrong extension by using Vista’s awesome feature “copy as path” that is available when you Shift-Right Click on a file.

  8. If anyone cares….rebooting the PC fixes my previously announced problem.

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