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Sony’s anti-marketing department strikes again

by Brandon on March 10th, 2007

At the GDC this week, Sony’s Playstation 3 got some of the first positive attention it’s had all year. In fact, their demonstration of Playstation Home (think Second Life + Nintendo “Miis” + Xbox Live Achievements – or just a console-centric version of Tecmo’s lobby system in DOA4) and LittleBigWorld had me for the first time thinking that I might actually purchase a PS3 as my third console – eventually.

It didn’t take long for Sony’s marketing department to get wind of this, and take swift action to strike down any hint of positivity in the gaming community about their ill-fated console.

I’d hate to be one of the people working on the PS3 or its software these days. They’ve really done some cool things and obviously want to do more of them, but corporate bungling has kept their console at single-digit marketshare.

Sony should fire their marketing department. Then let their engineers start blogging (the people working on the Playstation Online service, Home, etc). Then maybe they can keep it a three console race.

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