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How can Bush let this happen

by Brandon on March 19th, 2007

In April, the UN is cutting food rations for families displaced by the war in northern Uganda by half. They are citing a lack of funds to continue at the current pace (which already can’t keep up with what’s needed there).

What happened to Bush’s promises of “compassionate conservatism?” David Kuo (former head of Bush’s “Faith-Based Initiative” program) frequently asks the same question. This excerpt from his fantastic (yet distressing) book, Tempting Faith seems applicable

“Forget about all that. Money. All these guys care about is money. They want money. How much money have we given them?” Bush asked.

For two years I had bitten my tongue and toed the line. I wasn’t angry now, but I was no longer willing to lie. “Sir, we’ve given them virtually nothing.”

If you haven’t read it, and have the least bit of concern about faith in politics (or just want a conservative insider’s perspective of the current administration) – do yourself a favor and pick it up.

But first, write to your congressman and senators. Or call them. Reference the article at CNN and tell them that we need to do something about this. Or help support groups working in that region, like Invisible Children or Tusubira.


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  1. Maybe some of that multi-billion dollar war budget could be put to better use. (sarcasm) This news is appalling.

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