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Start++ 0.4.5

by Brandon on March 25th, 2007

I posted another update tonight.

Download here.

Changelist here.

Please post bug reports and feature suggestions on the Start++ Forum.

If you have mirrored Start++ somewhere (against my wishes), please update your copy to this version, as it now supports update notification. So at least if the copy you’re mirroring gets out of date, users who download it will be alerted that a newer build is available.

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  1. Tran Binh Nguyen permalink

    Good new features…Just one thing : Start++ Setup doesnot recognize my installed folder…it uses the default folder instead…

  2. Odd, I’ll have to test that out. You know, there’s a handy Bug Reporting section at Wiki =)

  3. I can not for the life of me get the pic browser to work. Even after re-hooking the start menu typing ‘pic’ still just shows me a list of files in my ‘pictures’ directory.

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