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Things that suck

by Brandon on April 1st, 2007
  1. Companies that make you call them to cancel something you signed up for online.
    1. Napster – I’m looking at you.  (and MSN, Xbox Live, and anyone else who pulls this trick)
  2. Companies with modern products that don’t have 64-bit drivers. 
    1. Netgear, you suck.  And the completely non-sense explanation about what 64-bit is and why you’re too lazy to support it is a total crock.  Dual CPUs?  Give me a break.  Let technical people write your technical articles from now on please.  Making an x64 driver isn’t nearly as hard as they make it sound.  In fact, it’s harder for video drivers but Nvidia, ATI, and Intel have done fine there.  USB network adapter?  Cake.
    2. Vista is out.  x64 adoption is going to go up very, very fast.  Every new machine with 4GB of memory is going to need it, and OEMs are going to be pushing the mid/high-end above 2GB very soon.  There’s no excuse anymore. 
  3. Forgetting what number 3 was.

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  1. Dan permalink

    3. is a bug in the Start++ tray process where, when idling, it takes up 30-70% CPU 🙁

    Plz fix. D: (Not an april fool)

  2. Phil Sweet permalink

    I agree Brandon. Discovering a few things not there yet in 64-bit Vista. SyncToy 1.4 and Streets and Trips USB based GPS driver not working.

  3. Oddly, I find software support lacking in 64bit, not drivers like a lot of people. I mean, what do people do with codecs? Windows DVD Maker, Media Center, and Windows Movie Maker are all 64bit, thus requireing the 64bit codec. Divx, xvid, and h.264 are all such great compressions with so little support for 64bit software.

  4. Brandon C –

    I found a “Vista x64 Codec Pack” that got everything playing back in Media Center just fine. Even my TV tuners and everything else is functioning fine now. In fact, I’ve had no problems at all with my main desktop running x64 for several months now.

    The problem arose when I built my new PC a couple weeks ago. This weekend I hooked up the old PC (still running x64) in a different room and wanted to hook it up wirelessly. I plugged in my Netgear RangeMax 240 USB adapter, and was astonished to find not only that support for it has been totally discontinued – but that there never was and never will be any x64 support for it (or even official Vista support). I think that’s totally lame of Netgear and I won’t buy anymore Netgear wireless adapters until they support x64.

  5. Jesse Houwing permalink

    Add webcam drivers to that list. Most notably Logitech and Creative who have stated they will not be supporting a very large number of their webcams. Some still being sold and others out of shops less than a year. I’m glad I had taken the time to find a Windows XP x64 compatible webcam (from Creative), only discovering that it will never be officially supported on Vista. Luckely the Windows XP x64 driver works without a hitch.

    Another one of these is Epson bundling an older version of Silverfast with their (quite expensive) Epson v700 Pro scanner. You need to buy an upgrade from Silverfast for Vista compatibility.

  6. Ivan Raide permalink

    Ok, this is kinda ironic because I don’t think MS has released a 64bit compatible version of UNC & FAT patch for WDS to index remote drives that work under Vista 64bit, ( I’m looking at your Brandon 😛 ) (just kidding)

    I believe the driver/service is 32bit and can’t get the access it needs; though I whole-heartily apologize if this is no longer the case. It’s too bad 64bit is getting ignored by lots of people.

  7. Phil Sweet permalink

    SyncToy 1.4 now works and a 64-bit USB signed driver is now available for 2007 Streets and Trips GPS device.

    Phil Sweet

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