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Farewell Dane

by Brandon on April 28th, 2007

Last week, Dane Glasgow announced that he was leaving Microsoft.  Recently, Dane has been the General Manager for the Live Search team.  I first met Dane at the Search Champs “v2” event back in April of 2005, around the time that Desktop Search was first released at Microsoft.  We were treated to a dinner hosted by MSN, and Dane was one of three that evening to suggest that I send in a resume.  A few shorts months later, and I joined the WDS team, which fell under Dane’s pervue at the time.  Having worked (indirectly) for Dane for over a year, I can say with great confidence that Microsoft is losing one of its finest.

Dane’s “official” farewell party was on Thursday, and included the presentation of a custom-embroidered T-shirt that dozens who’d had the pleasure to work with Dane signed beforehand. If you are looking to have some customized shirts done for a special event then I highly recommend Of course, a few stragglers had a bit more of a challenge scribbling their autographs…

Steve signing Dane

It was great working with you Dane.  Best of luck “out there.”

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  1. Marcus permalink

    Hello Brandon, I dont know where to post this nor dont a have your email, so I am posting this here. I am sorry if this is not the right place. But I am getting desperate. I tried posting in the MSDN forum but it has been 2 weeks no response.

    I am facing a very weird problem with outlook instant search and WDS for Vista, everytime I try perform a search I get the following error: “Instant search encountered a problem, while trying to display the search results. Modifying your query may resolve this problem.”

    I tried to reindex everything, repair office, I look all over the internet and have not find an answer. I came to you as a last step before trying to rebuild my machine. I have started the loging in the Outlook 2007 and get the following errors within the *qp* files.

    Store File Name: 2007.pst
    Date|Time|Action|Rows returned|NID|Advance/No Advance|HRESULT|Result Status
    2007/04/29|23:36:01:980|Issue query to the FTE||||0x80040e55|FAIL
    2007/04/29|23:36:01:980|Issue all full text queries||||0x80040e55|FAIL
    2007/04/29|23:36:01:981|Table Restrict||||0x80040e55|FAIL

    Please your help is much appreciated.


  2. Where to find “msscolmn.txt” in a case of lost of that file?


  3. Richard permalink

    I’m getting the same “instant search” error message too.

  4. Richard permalink

    The “Instant Search encountered an error” problem is a bona fide bug in Outlook 2007. Although you could in Outlook 2003 search a folder in All Public Folders, this capability is gone in Outlook 2007, and results in the irrelevant error message. Because you won’t get anywhere with Microsoft support on this (your experience will be dealing with someone in a foreign country ignoring the specifics of your complaint and obliviously clicking something to send you stock answers to reinstall components) I will tell you the work around. You need to use a capability for Outlook to cache the public folders in a Favorites directory. Windows Desktop Search will index that, and you can search those. As to how to set up Favorites, you’re on your own. When I did it long ago, it involved working through obscure menus in Outlook. Furthermore, I have observed synchronization problems when working in Favorites vs. the folders on the Exchange server.

  5. Hamish permalink

    I think there is a problem with Office 2007 – specifically Outlook 2007 Instant Search. If you install *any* Office 2003 product after Office 2007, you lose Instant Search in Outlook 2007. Bit of an issue for those of us with older versions of say, Visio or Project that we want to run along with Office products.

    As far as I can see, there is no fix – other than deinstalling everything, then doing 2003 first, then 2007.

    Another example of why alternatives are needed !!


  6. Hamish permalink

    There is a fix to this horrible issue……


    Instructions as follows:
    Re: Outlook 2007 Vista Ultimate Instant Search cannot display
    Comment Was this post helpful ? Reply Quote

    Can you please try the following:

    1. Create Config directory (in %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Search on Vista or “all users profile”\Application Data\Microsoft\Search on XP/2003 Server).

    2. Copy msscolmn.txt file from another machine into Config directory.

    3. Restart the service: net stop wsearch then net start wsearch from elevated command prompt (or reboot the computer).

    4. Restart clients – Outlook, Explorers etc. (may be easier to reboot computer).

    Note 1: do not confuse Config directory with Data\Config. Verify that he copied the file in the right directory.

    Note 2: Data directory may actually be relocated, but Search\Config will remain at the locations mentioned above.


    — Carlos

  7. Hamish – you do NOT have to uninstall Office 2007, if you install an older Office product and it breaks Search in Outlook.

    Simply go to Programs and Features (or insert your Office 2007 disc) and choose a “repair install.” This will fix Outlook search. I *think* the Office team is working to address this in their next SP.

  8. Stanislav Fritz permalink

    This issue recently arose with me (long after I had installed visio 2003, so I don’t see a connecton).

    Repair DID NOT solve the problem.

    The msscolmn.txt did NOT solve the problem.

    The search service, when manually started, will start and then stop (via administrative tools\services).

    Very strange.

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