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PDF IFilter for 64-bit Windows

by Brandon on May 2nd, 2007

Since Adobe has been slacking and not supporting x64 versions of Vista or Windows Desktop Search, it’s very nice to see FoxIt once again stepping up and getting things done.

I’m very pleased to share that FoxIt (creators of the excellent FoxIt PDF Reader) have released version 1.0 of their PDF IFilter, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  They also helped develop a PDF previewer for Outlook 2007.  Go FoxIt!

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  1. Ivan Raide permalink

    Hey Brandon, can you please confirm for me if there is/is not a solution to the UNC and FAT WDS addin for Vista 64bit? I know we talked about this a while ago, but I’m starting to wonder if there is a solution and I just missed out on it??

  2. syntexerror permalink

    all adobe products including macromedia work great on my vista x64 os!

  3. Adobe sucks in Vista 64 bit support. But this previewer rocks. Seamless installation. Great features. Thanx!!!

  4. Bill permalink

    I have used Foxit and the ifilter from Adobe but still have problems with WDS 3.01 indexing words within the PDF (which was created from a MS Word doc.

    One example. I search for the phrase ‘violater letter’. WDS finds the MS Word doc but not the PDF – which is in the same folder on the hard drive.

  5. I think you need to review your adobe install. Seems to work fine with vista

  6. Hartmut permalink

    This PDF Filter from FoxIt running in WDS is totally buggy. Don´t loose time with investigating this.

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