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Flixn video: How does Vista run on your machine?

by Brandon on May 4th, 2007

Earlier this week (not last week as I say in the video), Chris made his Vista gripes quite appreciable as he documented in his The Wow Starts Now? video some of the ugly, painful experiences he’s had with it on his AMD QuadFX (pre-production?) machine.  He insists that Vista is slower than XP.  If he had an outdated machine, that would be believable… but I just couldn’t imagine it running slowly on a QuadFX until I saw his video.  That machine must be seriously hosed.

Here’s a quick video of how some of the same tasks respond on my dual-core Vista machine after a fresh start-up.  I recorded it using Flixn, a free video-hosting site.  Unlike YouTube, they don’t host videos that you upload.  Instead, they record clips (using Flash) directly from your webcam and microphone.  Surprisingly, it looks like you don’t even need to register.  My only question then, is, how do you delete a video if you don’t want it up there anymore?  Guess I’ll have to look into that one before I post anything incriminating…

Anyway, here’s the short Vista demo.  I realized I cut off part of my monitor… sorry about that, I promise to do better next time.

Note:  My background is the Silverlight DreamScene video, and what looks like choppiness is due to the video recording, it’s silky smooth in person.

Note 2: The app-switcher I use is called Switcher.

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  1. James permalink

    Out of curiosity, what are the specs of the machine you demonstrated vista upon in the video?

  2. Hey Brandon, curious – how did you switch between apps around 2:40-2:45 in the video? Not Flip3D nor Flip – what are you doing there?

  3. That would be this machine here:

    Admittedly, it is very much a top-end machine. But so is Chris’ (even more so, in theory).

  4. Scott – That would be Switcher

    Awesome app

  5. James permalink

    Wow. Nice machine you have there. Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade this summer, as my current specs are way below that. 🙂

  6. I don’t have a cream-of-the-crop machine (mine is just an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ with 1 GB RAM DDR667 and nVidia GeForce 6150 card on board), and I don’t have all those problems like Chris. Vista x64 runs smoothly and I am very happy with it 🙂

  7. Hey, Brandon its great to see someone showing the greatness of Vista, I too run Vista flawlessly, runs great on my x2’s , cant wait till sp1…..

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