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Facebook… wow

by Brandon on May 24th, 2007

Facebook is now, in my mind, a more formidable force than Google.  They get it.  They aren’t lobbing things at the wall to see what sticks, they know exactly where the web is going. 

In case you missed it, they announced “The Platform” today at their f8 conference. 

There are already 30+ applications right out of the gate.  There’s Twitter integration, there’s the “Causes” application (I’ve already created a “cause” for Tusubira using it), there’s Box, Feedburner, and more.

Color me impressed.

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  1. Piuro permalink

    Privacy, thats their secret. Even if they were data harvesting, the ability to seal off your own little corner from the rest of the world, only accessible to those you approve.

    Oh, and thanks for Start ++, probably would have gone back to XP without it.

  2. Myspace really missed a good opportunity here.. they weren’t open minded enough to allow widgets and gadgets!

    they even had to buy Photobucket before they would allow their images!

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