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No Google Docs at Google?

by Brandon on June 11th, 2007

Interesting… apparently Google doesn’t eat their own dogfood! 

A friend and colleague of mine has a funny story about someone from Google asking for his resume, and not accepting it in Google Docs format, but instead requesting it as an MS Word file =) 

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  1. Off-topic question: you are the only person I’ve seen actually move his blog posts. How did you do it? I’m ready to change providers, but don’t want to lose the old.

  2. livingrainbow – WordPress has several “import” mechanisms, one of which simply consumes RSS, so that’s what I used. I actually didn’t import my entire old blog, just about 80 or so posts, since I had to do them in batches of 10 (through an overly complicated mess of adding them to an Export category 10 at a time) due to a limitation in my old blog service.

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