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Props to XM Radio

by Brandon on June 24th, 2007

For making it reasonably easy to leave.  Unlike some companies.

I don’t really have complaints about the service.  But since I no longer have the car that had the XM radio built in, it didn’t make much sense to pay for it any longer.  The new car has Sirius, although I’m not yet sure if I’ll bother signing up considering how little I used the XM radio in the last one.

They made a quick attempt to sell me a new radio at a discount, which is perfectly fine.  But they weren’t insistent, and seemed quite understanding of my situation when I mentioned why I was cancelling.  They take calls on Sunday, and I spoke to a real person with hardly a 30-second wait.

So even though I’m no longer a subscriber, XM and I are on good terms in my book.

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  1. You sold the A3? What did you get…a TT or S5? =)

  2. One of my favorite things about XM, and I imagine Sirius is probably the same way, is the fact that you can listen to it online. I tend to listen online more than I do from the device. Then again, this could simply be due to how I have my setup at home.

  3. That’s really good to know. There are times when I’ve had serious trouble trying to cancel service. T-Mobile is the worst!

  4. Phil permalink

    Hmm… I had trouble leaving XM. They kept charging me every six months even though I had cancelled my account.

  5. Tyson permalink

    When I read this entry, I at first thought my experience was quite opposite. When I read your Napster entry, I realized they were very similar, but I think it’s more about what you expect.

    I canceled my XM subscription about a year and a half ago. I expected, as XM is a reputable company, that this would be a smooth process. However, the guy at XM continued to press me into their “free month” to which I kept telling him that I didn’t listen to XM anymore and I just did not want the service. Finally, to get him off the phone, I agreed to the free month. Of course, then because I didn’t want to deal with that again, it took me over a month to call back, and because I had paid for a year up front the last time, they billed me another full year after the free month was up. Fortunately, the second time I called in, they canceled the account immediately and refunded the amount for the remaining year. I’ll give them one out of two stars.

    Napster, on the other hand, I expected to royally suck. Their software and service was terrible, in my experience, and I found a way better deal with Yahoo! Music. It was no surprise, then, that I found no way to cancel their service online. Since I have a 15 minute commute to work, I just put on my wireless headset and called them up. They had a ridiculously long wait, after which I was expecting the same kind of harassment as from XM. Instead, the guy simply asked if a free month would entice me to stay. I said no, and he said the account was canceled and to have a nice day. Billing stopped immediately.

    Glad you got away free, though. 🙂

  6. I cancelled 2 of my XM radios since I listen to Sirius more via windows Mobile and in the car. Kept one in the house for our receiver and online access via media center, WM, etc.

    The 2 I cancelled still work.

    I know a few other people that cancelled and their older units still work. They are enjoying XM for free, check it out you may too…then again the person with your old car may get it for free. With the potential merger coming it may not be a bad option to get sirius sign up for their free week offer and try it online.

    At the desktop there are some great Yahoo Widgets for playing XM and Sirius which are much better than the companies individual offerings.Plus the authors are working on Sidebar Gadgets for Vista

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