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PS3: How To Kill A Brand

by Brandon on July 8th, 2007


Now they’ve gone and lowered the price… a good move only because the original price was so absurd.  But coming barely half a year after its release, this $100 price drop reeks of desperation.  The 360 still hasn’t had a price drop because it’s selling so well, and it’s coming on up its two year birthday in a few months.  Oh, and it still costs less.

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  1. James permalink

    Heh. I just bought a 360 last Tuesday. ^^ I like it a lot so far.

  2. Seneschal permalink

    Well, not so sure about that.
    I do like the PS3’s Blu-Ray. I think HD-DVD is going to be defunct soon.
    Also, PS3 does not burn up like 360!

  3. Seneschal – how do you know they don’t? Wouldn’t someone have to buy one first? =P

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