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In Uganda!

by Brandon on August 26th, 2007

I meant to post something here before I left… oops!  Anyway, we all made it here safe and sound and so far things are going great.  Uganda is beautiful, the people are amazing, and the team I’m with is just great.  I was a little nervous about being the only non-religious team member, but it hasn’t been a problem at all and I don’t think it will be.  Anyway, that’s a topic for another time… I just wanted to post something here to refer you over to the team blog:

We’re trying to have someone update it every day (we were thwarted last night by a database problem, but BlueHost took care of it quickly).  If you want to track our experiences, or learn more about the trip, go read up there! 

I’ll be home on September 7th.  Until then…

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