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64-bit iTunes on the way?

by Brandon on December 8th, 2007

Judging by this new error message in iTunes 7.5 (which I didn’t even notice had changed the first dozen times I clicked OK to it), it seems like a 64-bit version of iTunes is on the way.  Sadly I can’t do as the message says as the 64-bit installer is nowhere to be found on Apple’ site.  While a 64-bit version in of itself isn’t much to write home about (the 32-bit version of iTunes works fine, including iPod support), it appears that iPhone and iPod Touch support will be included with it.

iPhone64-bit Message

It’s a real shame that the iPhone launched without a 64-bit driver.  Even worse, 6 months later and it’s still nowhere to be found.  At least this is a sign of hope, though, when compared with the previous error (seen below).  Then I can finally sync with my desktop instead of my laptop.


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  1. Brandon Clinger permalink

    I wish 64bit support were more broad. I feel shafted sometimes….

    I’m just glad my Zune software is native 64bit now ;).

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